Live an inspired life.

The Daily Output Booster™

This 1-page template will help you organise your highest daily priorities in under 5 minutes and make your day up 200% more effective. I use it everyday as do thousands of my clients. Download the FREE template right now.

"Your next level is not found in more hustle, but a shift in thinking"

Colin's programs will give you

Hot Ideas

Discover the latest ideas and principles for being effective

Practical Tools

The programs all have practical methods and application for each key idea

High Impact

The programs are designed to have instant and immense impact on your performance

The Productivity Academy

This is the most advanced productivity training program on the planet. You'll discover how to move from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted to being clear, energised and fulfilled. Join thousands of people who have experienced this transformation through the Productivity Academy.


The Influential Presenter Program

Knowing how to communicate your ideas persuasively on a live or online platform is the number one way to influence people.  Whether you are  public speaking, running an online webinar or selling on stage, knowing how to skilfully craft the presentation and pitch your ideas will take your speech from a potential flop to a full-blown success. 


Your Mentor

Colin Boyd

Colin helps people become more influential.

He is an in demand international keynote speaker and trainer. For Colin, every program is about helping his audience understand how they can be more effective and contribute at a higher level.

His programs are world class, that’s why clients like Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero, Hewlett Packard and Allianz continue to use him to help their best people excel even higher.

Colin is a certified Peak Performance Coach , NLP Practitioner, holds a Bachelors Degree of Commerce and Diploma of Executive Coaching.

He is also a family man at heart and is deeply connected to his wife Sarah and two young children Jonah (3) and Georgia (1).