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Do you suffer from 'shiny thing' syndrome?

  • Do you start with the greatest intentions each day, but quickly find yourself being sidetracked and overwhelmed by stuff that usually doesn’t matter to the big picture?
  • Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by your workload and find yourself even short of breath in amongst all the piles of stuff you have on?
  • Would you like to use a system that helps you feel back in control of your life and moving forward towards goals that matter?

You’re probably nodding your head (maybe literally) and thinking ….yes, I’ve experienced all of this and I would like to change this, right?

The reason I know this to be true is because that’s how I used to feel.

It’s also how soooo many of my clients have expressed they feel.

There is nothing worse than working all day, putting your best efforts into what you do and still feeling like there is little to no impact.

That dissatisfaction is trying to tell you something (but most people don’t recognize it).

If you’re courageous enough to listen to that small voice it’s whispering “you’re feeling dissatisfied because you know you’re designed to make more of an impact. You’re working hard, but you’re not getting the results you deserve”.

May I suggest, it’s not “how hard” you’re working that’s the problems but “how” you’re working. If you’ve read to this point on this page, I’d guess that you’re not a lazy person.

You care deeply about what you do and you care greatly about leaving a positive impact on the world around you.

That’s why I build the Productivity Academy. It was to help people like you to leave more of a positive impact on your world.

I noticed [very quickly] that when my clients shifted their thinking based on the Productivity paradigm taught in the Academy and started using the right tools, their results changed. Sometimes overnight!

In the Productivity Academy you'll discover...

  • How to priorities your day in under 7 minutes, so that you can increase you output by up to 200% (this method is NOT what most people are doing)
  • The secret mindset principles that high performers use to get more done than 98% of the people on the planet
  • How to gain control of you inbox in under 10mins (this strategy alone most people say was worth the whole Academy)
  • The best strategies to get crystal clear on your strategic focus and the tools to map this out
  • How to re-charge your energy so that you feel more buoyant and energetic each day
  • How to work effectively with your brain so that you get the most from the way you’re wired
  • How to map out your quarters using The 90 Day Method™ (this will make a world of difference to your strategic momentum)
  • And so so so much more…

"Productivity has very little to do with 'time' and more to do with how you think about your priorities"

Why I designed the Productivity Academy

After working with some of the biggest brands in the world, hundreds of small businesses and thousands of coaching sessions I noticed that productivity was a theme many of my clients needed help with. 

I discovered that if I helped them oragnise, focus and implement in their business where it really counted their results skyrocketed. And very quickly.

I personally did not grow up as a 'naturally organised' or 'productive person'. So when I noticed my clients needed these strategies I rolled up my sleeves and worked under many world class philosophers and high performers. I catagorized what worked and didn't. Then tested these strategies on myself. I was also fortunate enough to test them on thousands of my clients until I came to a point of absolute clarity around what really worked and what was just 'nice theory'.

I’ve shared these strategies with thousands of my clients and I noticed that even the highest performers were still improving when they implemented them. So the Productivity Academy is a result of my intention to help as many people as I could be exposed to the greatest productivity and effectiveness strategies on earth. My true desire is to add as much value as I can, so that you can make more impact and live life with a true sense of purpose.

Whom is the Productivity Academy for?

Business owners who feel the pressure of leading their company to produce more output for clients and improve bottom line results.

Professionals who work in an office style environment and feel the pressure delivering on deadlines for multiple projects.

Team leaders who are feeling overwhelmed with the increase of work demands and deadlines with their teams.

Sales professionals that are responsible for the generation of new clients and also maintaining current ones.

The Productivity Journey

The Productivity Academy is designed you to take you from levels 1,2 and 3 into levels 4, 5 and 6. It will help you to move out of procrastination, overwhelm and distration into deliberate strategic and inspired work.

The Core Modules


Work with your brain

Learn how to work effectively with the your brain and discover the 5 high performance principles that will lead you to achieve more in 1 day than most do in 5.


Know where you're going

In this module you'll discover how to create strategic clarity through Themes, Focus Goals, Project Planning (that is easy to implement) and so much more. You'll feel the clearest you've ever felt after this module and have to tools to plan properly.


Get things done faster

This module will teach you the best methods to increase the speed of your implementation. You'll learn how to finally get focused, plan your week, time saving hacks and so much more. You'll feel like you've put your foot on the pedal of a V12 supercar after this session.


Fill your fuel tanks

In this module you’ll learn how to "ride your energy wave". It’s the best way I know of getting the most out of every day. You'll be able to optimise the best times to work and rest. You'll also discover how to re-charge your energy and re-ignite your motivation instantly.


Design your world intelligent

In this module, you'll learn how to design the perfect productive environment (this will help you to install the right functional and inspirational elements in your office so you produce your best work).

Valued at $3,900

Total Value of the Productivity Academy Foundational modules and Implementation Workbook.



The Bonus Modules

Valued at $1300

PLUS here are 3 amazing bonus modules to manage your INBOX, TEAM and HOME.

Inbox Flow

Feel back in control of your email. 

In this bonus you'll discover how to get to inbox zero everyday...FAST. You'll have a simple and easy system (that actually works) to get back control of your emails quickly everyday.

Team Flow

Make your team perform

In this bonus you'll discover how to put an end to dumb meetings - and the secret to creating a healthy, productive and enjoyable team environment. You'll discover the proven principles that make a team perform at their peak capacity.

Home Flow

Fulfillment at home

In this bonus you'll discover practical templates, methods and strategies that will help to transform your home from mayhem and clutter to enjoyable and fulfilling!


The 90 Day Method™

The most advanced tool for making every quarter in your year successful. It is a new method that brings together the key ideas you'll discover in the Productivity Academy and helps you to implement them in a fast and easy way. You'll have clarity, confidence and an easy plan to make every 90 days count.

Valued at $1,900

You might be thinking...

But Colin, I’ve tried to use a “time management’ systems before. They sounded great at the start but as soon as I delved in, the system became so overwhelming and cumbersome that the ‘actual system’ started to become the issue to my time problems!

Well, I know what that’s like.

From my experience of working in corporate land and in my own business, I’ve tried lots of ‘time management’ courses, tools and strategies. The problem I had was that they were usually built around a specific technology or platforms that didn’t really suit my working style. 

The Productivity Academy is consciously designed to be easy to use and simple to apply. All the templates are built with the user in mind. So I trust you’ll very quickly find yourself feeling clearer and more in control.

The other problem I had was, the teachers of most time management programs are ‘naturally’ organized.

They had not experienced the problems I had as a more creative and passionate businessperson.  Basically, they were trying to 'teach me to be them'… And with all due respect, they were usually very boring and wore pocket protectors! Umm not thanks.

This is for the entrepreneur or professional who has some passion and creative flare! Who is maybe not ‘naturally disciplined’ or 'naturally organized', but knows that when their energy is focused on the right thing, they can create MAGIC!

I’m a passionate and creative person. I’m not naturally organized or process driven. So I knew I needed a methodology that was structured enough to give me clarity, but loose enough to give me the room for my personality to run free.

That’s what the Productivity Academy will give you.

My intention for it was to build the most robust productivity program on the planet.  Something that wasn’t focused on using a certain technology or tool, but about applying the principles and practical’s of world-class productivity.  So that it didn’t matter what technology you were using, the principles would still apply.

I also found that most of the ‘time management’ programs were focused on the wrong thing…TIME.

You see, the problem with focusing on time is that you can’t control it. It’s a constant. That’s why the Productivity Academy is focused on just that ‘productivity’. In other words the things you can control in the time you have.

That’s what the Productivity Academy is about. It provides the framework to think and act productivity without the cumbersome restriction that other ‘time management’ programs put on you.

What People Are Saying

Barath Kumar
Business Owner

As the founder and director of Appomate, an app development company with over 60 staff, I always had 100 more things to do. Often when I finish work and go home, I would feel guilty that I have not spent the day well. Many times I felt my team is not being very productive. So I started educating myself on productivity and found Colin's online course. I found Colin's course to be the best on productivity. It gave me a very clear framework and I even created a poster on Productivity Pillars and we have it on our company wall now. It has been immensely valuable to our company's productivity.

Philip Graham

I’ve found the insights into distraction and procrastination to be very relevant. The Alignment module has helped to give me real clarity. I also love the practical, ‘take the bull by the horns' approach with this program. It’s given me the tools I needed.

Marcin Michalak

The Productivity Academy has quickly put things into perspective, because I often feel like a dog chasing it’s own tail. I’m learning lots about myself and the strategies I must implement to actually bring back control in my life. From the first module I’ve already done lots of practical things to get rid of distractions. I’ve also been starting each day using the “Daily Output Booster” and has made a massive impact on my productivity!

Ali Tope
Team Leader

The program was really helpful and to be honest, a bit of a wakeup call to make me realise how ineffectively I have been using my time. [Colin] explained my exact thought process, where I thought I was being really organised for the first few weeks and then just slowly became lazier and lazier. There is at least 1 thing out of each module that I can take away to help me prioritise my time better.

Kylie Ross
National Manager

The Productivity Academy has really upgraded my thinking and results. The content is fresh, practical and personal. The architecture of the program has been beautifully designed for the user experience. This is a sophisticated product for smart people. The program has helped me feel back in control and I’ve been able to implement more strategic initiatives than ever before.

Just some of Colin's clients...

Your Productivity Coach

Meet Colin

Colin Boyd is world renown speaker and expert on personal productivity. He consults to some of the world biggest brands like Hewlett Packard, Fuji Xerox and Coca Cola who come to him to help their people perform at a higher level. He also has worked with thousands of small to medium business in his group programs.

He is a qualified Performance Coach with the International Coaching Federation, Certified Trainer, NLP practitioner and also holds a Commerce Degree with distinction, Executive Coaching diploma and EDISC Behavioral certification. 

But the real reason he is qualified to help you is because he has done the journey with himself and thousands of clients around the world to go from overwhelmed, exhausted and overworked to clear, productive and fulfilled.

He has over 12,000+ hours of group training and 2,000+ Executive coaching hours logged that has given him the time to sift through the stuff that actually works and what doesn’t.

And finally, he cares. He cares about you become all that you are you’re called to be.


Q1. How long do I have access to the training?
- You have lifetime access to the training videos and when we make upgrades and additions you'll get access to them for free!

Q2. How long will it take to complete the productivity Academy?
The academy is designed as a 10 week implementation program. You should set aside about 45 - 60 minutes for each module. This will include the time to watch the training and also complete the worksheets. Some modules are shorter and others are longer. But a 60 minute period is about the average.

Q3. How much is it?
It’s on special for $497 USD. But this is only for a limited time. So act fast.

Q4. How can I consume the program?
The program can be completed by either watching the videos or listening to the audio version. The videos must be watched while connected to the Internet. The audios can be downloaded and placed on your smartphone.

Q5. Do I have to complete the program in 10 weeks?
No. You have as long ad you like to watch and re-watch the complete program. Feel free to go through the modules at your own pace.

Q6. Do I have to start the program straightaway?
No. You can start a program any time in the three axis period. You will receive a 10 week reminder sequence that will prompt you to do each module. However you do not have to do complete the modules in this order or timeframe. They are simply reminders.

Q7. Can I watch the training more than once?
Yes. You can watch the training as many times as you like.

Q8. Are the templates/workbook customisable?
The workbook and templates are all PDF writable. They have embedded areas where you can type directly into each worksheet. However the structure of them cannot be changed. This gives you the flexibility to complete the worksheets either in softcopy or print them out for hardcopy completion.

Q9. Is it awesome?
Yes. It is. Because it will give you crazy results like thousands of people prior to you.

Q10. I'm already productive, will this help?
Definitely. We've had many high performing individuals complete the Productivity Academy. Every time they come back to us and say the program provided them with unique distinctions on making more in impact in the time they had. 

Q12. How is this program different to other time management products?
At its core it is not a time management product. It is 'productivity program'. This program is less about “managing time” and more about being super productive in the time you have. It combines best practice in psychology and very practical tools for implementation. The combination of psychology and practicality will lead to behavioural change.

Q13. Do you give refunds if the course isn't for me?
We have 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you complete the course in 30 days and do not feel like you gained any value email our team and we will refund your purchase. You must have completed the course to qualify for this. We do not do refunds simply for a change of mind.

P.S. Access to the Productivity Academy is for a very limited time, once the timer runs out you’ll be locked out, so take action whiles it’s open.

P.P.S. If you join the Academy and do a few modules and don’t feel like it’s for you or works for you in the first 30 days, I’ll refund you money completely. No questions asked, no hard feelings. I want you to know that this program is 100% backed by confidence of seeing it work in thousands of my clients lives. That’s why I can offer this risk free offer.

P.P.S. Let me be your productivity coach and help to take your effectiveness, focus and fulfillment to the next level. That’s my ultimate intention. Join me inside!

"Your next level is already waiting for.

Let's unlock it right now"

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