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Here's The Honest Truth...

It's hard to find other successful experts you can connect and grow with once you hit a certain level.

The people you're rubbing shoulders with ARE the future you're creating. In fact, the fastest way to grow your business in this industry is to collaborate and connect with other successful experts. That's why being in a close knit, highly qualified group is crucial to your success.

One group of relationships can change your life forever.

You see, the truth is...masterminds changed my life.

In fact, I wouldn't be in the USA or running a million-dollar biz if it wasn't for being in a mastermind group.

I want to facilitate a mastermind that creates the transformation I've experienced personally...for you!

This is for you if:

  • You're currently running an Expert, coaching or course creation business.
  • You're currently earning or "on-pace" to earn $250,00+ in annual revenue.
  • You want to scale up your business to a million and beyond.
  • You're feeling lonely at the top and want the opportunity to network with other highly successful Experts.
  • You value collaboration over competition and courage over ego.

This is not for you if:

  • You're currently earning less than $250,000 annually (or not pacing to earn it.) 
  • You don't want to speak from virtual or live stages to grow your business.
  • You're solely focused on what you can get versus what you can give.
  • You're not coachable and open to learning.

The Platinum Circle is a 12 month Mastermind. It includes Coaching and Advanced Content Calls, plus 2 x In-Person Events and a Closed Intimate Online Support Community.

The philosophy of this mastermind is what makes it different... 

The philosophy is focused on "Collaboration over Competition". This means you'll feel supported and connected to others at a high level.  

It's focused on "Courage over Ego" which means there will be real conversations about real life. You'll have a space where you can actually find answers, not just posturing and politics. This is not a 'bro marketers' group.

You'll have many opportunities to "Make money through it, but not get sold to". This means the group will function as a means by which you can get access to bigger networks and audiences through collaborations. This is not a group where you'll be sold to by other members (unless you yourself request for their services).

When you join you’ll benefit from insider access to:

  1. 2 x In-person, Live Retreats where you will have the chance to mastermind, practice and install the latest marketing and delivery strategies in the expert industry.
  2. Monthly High-Level Peer Mastermind (virtual) to network with other highly successful Experts.
  3. Monthly Highly-Level Coaching and Content Call with Colin and the Mastermind.
  4. Access to Office Hours with Colin where you get 3 x 20-min One-to-One Business Strategy Sessions so you can get direct help when needed most. 
  5. Expert Guest Sessions so you can look under the hood of multi-million dollar expert businesses and model best practices.
  6. Private Facebook Group so you can get qualified feedback on your offers, content and business giving you the confidence and clarity you’ve been wanting.
  7. Plus, you'll also get access to all of Colin's programs including ELITE and Sell from Stage Academy® (Priced at $10,000)

When you are in the Platinum Circle you'll get access to...

Powerful In-person, Live Events in California, USA 

Twice a year we get together for a 2-day transformational in-person, live events in southern California.

These events are a combination of training, mindset coaching, collaboration and hot-seat problem solving for your business. 

High-level Connections & Network (aka the Rolodex)

You'll form great connections with other high-level business owners + you'll get access to Colin's network and be introduced to people throughout the year (where applicable).

Monthly Coaching Calls & Support

Every month you'll be a part of a high-level strategy call with the mastermind where you'll get access to the latest trends, strategies and content that's working right now. You'll also be a key part of a small group called a 'circle' where you can get to know each other and get feedback on ideas.

Access to Colin

You'll have access to dedicated office hours and the opportunity to be advised by Colin. You'll get 3 x 20-min One-to-One Business Strategy Sessions so you can get direct help when needed most. This is not available anywhere else!

Exclusive Online Group

This is where a lot of the action will be on a daily basis. In this private Facebook group you can get feedback on your business and help other people in the group to achieve their next level.

There is a reason the biggest names in the industry come to Colin for advice...Because the strategies work.


Got questions about the Mastermind? I've got answers.